Registration of Organizations or Groups:
Organizations or groups are classified into three types: "Public Entity", "Commercial Entity" and "Organization/Foundation".
Organizations or groups applicant need to bring credentials and documents to visit the post office counter for application procedures. The documents and procedure details can be found on the following website:

Fill in the registration information:
Please fill in personal information on website or mobile application registration page. The items with asterisk (*) must be filled in.
If you have included a Macau PO Box number, you do not need to fill in the address information. If you haven’t, then you must include the address information. Address information contains at least four items: Area, Parish, Building name and Street name.
Please make sure the PO Box number or address you provide must be correct, because the account activation letter will be sent to this PO Box number or address. After completing this form, please check "I agree with the SEPBox Subscription Agreement" and press "Submit" button.