1. CTT obliges to observe the principles of data protection in the collection and treatment of personal data and to perform according to the regulations of Macao Personal Data Protection Law and the Privacy Policy of these Services. All personal data collected will be properly stored during the conservation period and destroyed after that period.

2. The use of personal data will be made for the purpose that regulated its collection. Any other type of use of those data needs the prior consent of the holder, or to be in conformity with Personal Data Protection Law or other applicable legislation.

3. The personal data provided in the subscription process may be used in the scope of other physical and electronic services of CTT, through the respective consent.

4. The personal data obtained will be processed and used only by these Services. Unless otherwise indicated, legal provisions, legal requirements or prior consent of the holder of the relevant personal data, the collected personal information will not be disclosed to third parties neither to organizations from outside CTT.

5. According to Macao Personal Data Protection Law and relevant administrative procedures of these Services, it is possible to submit an application to have access, rectify, alter or correct the personal data in possession of CTT.

6. According to postal regulations, the terms of the service contract and the CTT regulation, it may be charged a reasonable fee for the compliance of the request to access and correction of the stored data.

7. In case the subscription of Secure Electronic Postal Box is made through an Electronic Postal Kiosk of CTT, from the personal data contained in the Resident Identity Card only will be read and stored the following data: name (in Chinese and Foreign languages), gender, number of the Resident Identity Card, and birthday. These data will allow CTT to know better its clients.

8. Concerning the data contained in the Resident Identity Card, in case of use of the Electronic Postal Kiosk for the purpose of Secure Electronic Postal Box subscription, and the respective process is cancelled, when automatically processing the operations of identity authentication, the system only will read the data referred in number 7, and there is no storage of it in the system.

9. In case the subscription of Secure Electronic Postal Box is made through the Electronic Postal Kiosk, the fingerprints only will be used for the purposes of the identity automatic authentication, and there is no storage of it in the system.

10. Secure Electronic Postal Box uses Secure Sockets Layer technology (SSL) to protect the transmission of sensitive personal information in internet.

11. All CTT employees must take all appropriate measures concerning data confidentiality and storage, until the term of its use or its conservation term, at which time it will be destroyed or sealed according to the stipulated.

12. There are some contents in the system with links to other web pages, namely web pages of Macao Public Departments, Government or public external bodies and local or international private institutions. The user, by pressing the links that direct him to other web pages, leaves the CTT system. Since the privacy declaration of those web pages may differ from the present declaration, CTT does not take the responsibility for the respective contents and privacy policy, reason why alerts the users to verify the privacy declarations of those web pages.

13. In case CTT makes changes in this web page, the revised version will be publicized without any prior advise and will indicate the date of the changing.